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The akhbarpoint.com website is owned and operated by AkhbarPoint Network and contains information about selected categories of blogs, articles on technologies, smartphones, mobile and desktop applications, historical information, sports, religion, entertainment, amazing things or places and others.

Akhbar Point, the growing Blogs website in Pakistan operates under the philosophy of keeping its viewers “What’s new in the World.”

Akhbar Point offers a wide range of information about Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi and topics ranging from technologies, business and finance, gaming, smartphones, software, and historical information.

Our priority is to write blogs and articles with the truth and facts and to avoid controversial and conflict-based content.

Syed Haseeb ur Rahman is an Author of all these blogs and Articles. His main motive while writing contents is to share informative material to our readers and subscribers. While writing articles, he always try to avoid conflict issues, political issues, religious issues etc. Our readers and subscribers rapidly increasing that shows the success of his motive.

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